3 Effective & Easy Home Remedies for Cracked Feet

Cracked feet or heel fissures are a common health issue that affects people of all ages and it typically caused due to lack of moisture in the feet.

Besides that, standing for many hours, applying harsh, chemical-laden soaps, extreme cold weather, lots of exposure to water frequently, weight gain and the use of improper fitting footwear can all lead to unsightly cracked heels.

So, what to put on cracked heels?

Fortunately for you, we have 3 easy and effective home remedies that will cure you of heel fissures in days.

1. The Olive Oil Cure

Gently massage your feet with 1 tablespoon of warm olive oil in a circular motion for about 15-20 minutes. Put on super thick cotton socks and then rinse off after an hour, or sleep it off and wash in the morning.

2. The Glycerine & Lemon Magic

Mix equal quantities of glycerin and lemon juice and apply it to your cracked feet properly. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
Do this treatment every day for at least 2 weeks for best results.

3. The Honey Treatment

Take half a bucket of warm water and add in 1 cup of honey to it. Soak your tired feet in it for 20 minutes or more. Scrub your heels gently to remove dead skin. Dry off and apply a cream and wear socks for a few hours.